Become Your Own Hero

As with all new years this one is no different and there has been a lot of talk about new years resolutions and goals for 2017. I love it.

Anytime anyone ever talks about things they want to accomplish it always gets me fired up, and the more audacious the goal the better. In the words of the old latin proverb, “Fortune Favors the Bold”.

From the time I could comprehend stories up until and through today I have always been infatuated with epic tales and their Heroes; Achilles, Beowulf, Crazy Horse, Robin Hood, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Davey Crockett and Daniel Boon, among many others were childhood inspirations. While I’m sure other kids were playing video games or Pokemon or whatever else was popular at the time, I would muster up a few of my friends that were willing, and we would spend hours fighting with wooden swords, building fortresses, and shooting bows and BB guns all the while reenacting the grandiose moments in the lives of all those larger than life characters.

Today I look back on those memories not only with fondness but vast appreciation. Though it was very unintentional, all that time I was playing “pretend” I was practicing and visualizing success through unimaginable odds. Though there was no real repercussions for failure for me at the time, all of the heroes of my childhood had faced amazing odds and adversity, the beauty was that I already knew the outcome of their doom, and whether the end to their stories were riding off into the sunset or being shipped off in a burning coffin to the sea, the greatest moments of their lives, when they would slay the dragon, or evade the sheriff, or make it through a battle where the odds were 100/1, those were the moments that I would put myself in their shoes – and fend of monsters and warriors in my back yard.

Anything I’ve ever wanted to do, truly with my heart, I’ve never doubted for a moment that I could make it happen. I’m sure this unwavering and perhaps sometimes foolish confidence comes from those moments of play in my childhood, but I know in fact that it also has to do with my research into those who have achieved modern day greatness.

It seams very simple, so much so that to many it appears unrealistic or a flat out lie, but everyone I’ve ever heard of who has done anything spectacular in life, and is happy, has had a heartfelt unwavering belief in what they were doing and a passion sprung from love.

The nuts and bolts always work there way out, but if there is no passion behind action then there is no momentum. There is no “IT” factor.

In the world I live in now, I wear many hats, and it is easy to be invested so much in one that it takes away from the others – and that is not always a bad thing. What is a bad thing is being in a position where the majority of your time is spent wearing a hat where there is no passion, only stagnation. In fact, in my opinion, if you are not in love with every aspect of your life then it stands to reason that there are things that need to be cut out.

Life is hard. Bills need to be paid, health needs to be observed and worked for, families need to be tended to and nurtured. If you let it, life will beat the shit out of you.

However if your income comes from doing something your heart is invested in, you find a place to enjoy prioritizing your body and mind, and you hold yourself to a standard of only the most inspiring relationships, then no doubt you will accomplish what you set out to do, and become a hero in your own right.

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